Tuesday, March 29

Rolling Papers

Rolling Papers

Through word of mouth I'm hearing to purchase this album not DL for free. The track below is something someone shot my way and I "fukks wit it"

Monday, March 28

Return Of 4Eva

Words from the man... "I am proud to present “Return Of 4eva” to all my supporters, I took the past year to work on this project. I reached out to some of my favorite artists that I felt represented what this album was about. Ludacris, Bun B, David Banner, Chamillionaire, Big Sant, Joi & Raheem Devaughn all helped me to make my vision of this album complete. I hope you all love it. Download it for free at www.returnof4eva.com stay blessed"  – K.R.I.T.

Wednesday, March 23

Jhene Aiko

A year older than me and she's banging...ya kidd can dream hahaha and this is a real late pass on this record below. But its on the mixtape which by the few tracks I've listened to it's dope. 


A visual of one of the songs that will be featured on K.r.i.t's Returnof4eva

Most dope!


Tuesday, March 22


I give this dude his props. All Of The Lights Cover. He did a good job on the Black & Yellow too...

9th Anniversary

Wiz Khalifa and Danny McBride grace Complex's 9th Anniversary Issue. To smoke or not to smoke that is the question?

Monday, March 21

Eyes Closed

Songify This

From the guys who brought you "Bed Intruder" now comes this hahaha the Gregory Brothers are #winning

A Tribe Called Fresh

MTV Shows

It's funny to think that this guy is a Tribe fan and is making a documentary but it shows how music transcends color ya digg.

Award Tour...nuff said

Mixtape Monday

Pusha T's highly anticipated mixtape is now ready for your iPOD (because I loved this tape soooo much I'm bringing back to the top not stepping on any toes hahaha) And here's a dope article courtesy of Complex to check out

New York New York

B dot O dot B is at his ish again... I'm liking it and if you Like LUPE FIASCO then you'll feel this track.

T.G.O.D.x Jets

It's been a while but Spitta and Khalifa are at it again, lacing another smooth beat with stoner rhymes.

Back it up

K.R.I.T.'s new project Returnof4eva was set to drop manana but as you see above it has been pushed back until the 28th of March.


When I was younger - Illecism ..."You know I got that C4 like BLAOW"

Video Directed by Jose Valdivia

Found on 2dope

Click Illly's name to find more on him and da homies

Saturday, March 19


Short song but it still found a way to be repeated on my itunes.


SNOOZE One of My Favorite Tracks off of BEST DAY EVER

Thursday, March 17


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Word Pusha T hopped on this classic Vizzy joint from 09' . Peep the audio below and the DL link above.

Good To Hear

I'm happy for the people of Libya but then again it says 300 million a week to fund the "No-Fly Zone". How come there's all this money but the US is in a 14trillion dollar debt? But I digress... READ THE ARTICLE hahahaha

The Lost Pages

I was wondering what happened to this dude a while back and now I here he's in AZ at the Celebrity Theater and promoting his mixtape and new CD coming later this year.

The Power Is Yours

I almost started crying with joy....

Wednesday, March 16

The New Look

The change is going to be subtle but over a period of time this will turn into your Information Highway ya digg and with that being said I'm still knocking Nate Dogg and found this interesting remix of a classic...


This tape is nice and the track below fits my mood hahaha (funny how when you stop to searching ish finds you)

Mickey Factz Running Feat. Gil Scott

The track after the jump is exactly what is going through my head hahaa

R.I.P. Nate Dogg

This is one of my favorite tracks that Nate Dogg assisted on.

Cook It Down

"Best Friends drown in quicksand and help you Cowards Rise"

Why do videos make songs so much better...

Tuesday, March 15


I'm a huge fan of the SMURFS I watched it all the time back in the day and I'm excited to watch this with my Goddaughter hahaha

More trailers after the jump


Alex Haldi is putting together this tape and release this track by my favorite young MC right now J.Cole

Monday, March 14

If Your Steez Needs Some New Tee's



Pusha T releases another track from his Tape set to drop next Monday (Fear of God)

First 500 Get In...

Lakers > Magic

Tell me how my nuts taste


Mac's tape is dope and when it dropped I'm definitely sure he had THE BEST DAY EVER

Dom Kennedy and Sir Michael Rocks after the jump


Lil Wayne, Drake, and Big Sean give their bars for this AMAZING song from the get go

I've needed to recover from the super long weekend hangover from my b-day but I'm back at it with some help coming real soon in the future and a name change.

Thursday, March 10


Erin Christine = Beautiful and this song is just the same (what can I say I got a soft spot for songs like this)


This ish SLABS 

She's Enough

Atmosphere made this for his "girl" so I can't give this one out for free. Respect the craft purchase the music @ itunes or fifth element


Bright Lights, Bigger City Feat. Wiz Khalifa

Oh Em Gee last post was dope a** vid this one goes HAM on it hahaha. See Mo' Things at Cee Lo Green

Dope A** Vid

Grieves Lightspeed

Dude sounds like Atmosphere but it's a sick song "Mom was a Religion and Happiness was a Fact" via Rhymesayers

Tonight's the Night


This is definitely some T-Shirt Time Music hahaha "Ready Set Go!!"

Wednesday, March 9


Cop it on the 15th 

It's Coming

Cudder and Barker

Give the Drummer Some out next tuesday March 15th #travisbarkerFTW

Ms. Martinez and Sir Fiasco

"People Love to Watch Things Fall Down"


Pass the Chip and Ash that Quick

Asher Roth links up with Chip for this dope track..(where's my snare?) 
Sidebar---Between school and everything else this is actually working out (new site coming soon)


One of my favorites from the wild 11 of this year's XXL freshman.



This dude is just holding back the smiling but he sees that camera lol....both girls in the background tried to hop "divert" their eyes too haha

When I Say Hit the Jump

It means the little line that says CLICK FOR INCEPTION... and do it now for some new Trademark & Young Roddy

La Melodia

Give It UP

She's hot, I'm diggin her hair and her flow is ill. Not to mention she's from Holland the birthplace of my favorite european cousin... check out this version after you watch the video... it goes hard. Hit the jump for the alternate video

Tuesday, March 8

We Are Lasers

So it was way too difficult for me to post my favorite track off this but my current mood is telling me to do it anyways. Outta of My Head feat. Trey Songz

Eight Straight

Can we just get to the playoffs already...


XV who deserves a cover on XXL oppose to the 11 on it went in on this "...They tell you never say N*gga to a dude who ain't black/ but if the connotation's changed to a n*gga being my man/ then why can't I just call a dude who is just that."

Donald Glover Nuff Said

Community is hilarious and then Donald Glover goes and does this again I'll look for his older mixtape and put it out for next Monday


Let the end of days talk begin lol. Dead Fish? via MSNBC


My favorite Drummer and my Favorite Pushers with my favorite NBA Player...well sorta hahaha #TravisBarker #Givethedrummersome

Muscle Car Chronicles

2011 Jets N*gga!  If you ain't liked it yet get to doing so


He's got me hooked Brinks Feat. Master P According to Mr. Percy Miller, "Gucci Mane called me, man I got that flipper..." #stayhidden Brr! Brick Squad! Bang! Bhlkdlahfodihaodhfodihfoihoi! 

Peace not Death

He kinda has that Scarface look right here. Click the link to become educated or updated CNN.

6 for 6

Trademark and Roddy have been releasing masterpiece after masterpiece here's the most recent 6th Gear

Mixtape (daylate) Monday

So for the first edition of Mixtape Monday's Tuesday(day late my b) I'll provide a slew of links for dope ass 'tapes you should cop and one of them is in honor of the FnF crew leader. (Yea its not only new ish but old ish that's still ish) Hit the jump...